mix tapes

Was recently visiting a midwestern US college town and had the opportunity to get out of the office for a bit.
As the young generation cavorted about my senses were alerted to a distance memory. I looked up and there she was on the video screen dancing and shaking those curling iron curls.
Then, just as Whitney was singing oh how much she wanted to dance with somebody the next frame was cut to Britney hitting it one more time.
As I took another sip of the brew before me and recalled the days of the mix tape.
Two things struck me at that moment. 1.Great of an impact of the pop music marketplace in the US on global culture. 2.Mix tapes, and the impact on an adolescent mind.
Mix tapes

are a thing of the past but watching the video reminded me of the joy of music and the adolescent purpose, to play at a party and that party bringing people together to 'get to know' one another through the experience of sharing common likes and dislikes in real time and face to face.

The music of pop in the US is ostensibly produced by a handful of

That is it much of the memories from the parties of the youth can be linked back to the limited group of producers as they put their 'spin' onto the content that became the everlasting memories of our youth.

Only at the point when adolescent tastes dissolve and the conscious mind opens can

tastes begin to be sampled and enjoyed.

Nice piece for this blog

This documentary is 10 years old but is extremely relevant to the world order at least the western empire world perspective.

Powerful ideas that take time to filter down to ordinary actions are expressed in this documentary. (The Century of The Self by Adam Curtis)

All people living inside of empire should view this story, the story of the self in the western world. Then one can begin to answer the question of the title of the is blog. What market segment am I anyway?



Knights Templar

Traveling brings the traveler closer to experience. Experience is internalized and appropriated to the correct file within the realm of perception. I recall when I visited Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. I did not know then what an important travel for my history. Back then, 10 years ago, I was searching for answers and I thought the Knights Templars’ chapel would be a good place to begin.

Guide Stones

what do you really want?

Theodore Levitt once told his MBA students at Harvard that People don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill they want a quarter inch hole.

This is a paradigm shifting statement. In that it is meant to inspire students that there is room for more innovation just need to be reminded of what to focus upon.

From an engineer’s perspective, to create that ¼ hole, first need to develop a method or a means to achieve this want. This ‘thing’ that will create the hole will have most likely some other requirements. Those requirements will drive some specifications. The output engineering activities will develop specifications to test. Once the specifications have been tested and pass, a final product will be delivered.


In addition to the regional GHG (green house gas) related activity, there is a growing consensus at the national level] that the United States should reduce its GHG emissions by 60 to 80 percent by 2050 to support the global efforts to reduce GHG emissions. The leading proposals currently before US federal lawmakers recommend a cap-and-trade system to reach GHG reduction goals. The figure above shows the potential impact of the leading proposals on future emissions, according to an analysis published by the World Resources Institute in December 2007.

No one yet….

Well. I am seriously liking this band. Vennaskond. This band rocks 360 deg. From Estonia to your ears. Enjoy!

Daddy Cool


velocity of the flow

Read recently an article that equated an amoeba to the reality in an organization. Here is the article, a great one at that, btw, : Slime MOLD
I think this analogue is spot on.

The thing that I have noticed that is self evident is that individually we can achieve greatness but in the group when resource is plenty can achieve even more, right?

The catch here is simulated scarcity. Asymmetric information has created an environment that does not allow for a fair game to be played. Thus the reality for many is the perception of a bust economy. In the bust the rules are different than during the boom.

The question is: are resources really and truly scarce? You have to find that answer yourself.

Another great quote from a Hollywood movie no doubt. The movie was from the late 80’s, the quote went something like this, ‘the worst parts of war are at the beginning and at the end the middle is like a country club’. That was stated by J. Malkovic, character Basie, from the movie “Empire of the Sun”.

The economic war we are in has just begun.

But finally the best quote of the week was from the second reading, Paul to the Corinthians (32-35). I think that my interpretation of this is so (maybe a bit out off the scope of traditional bible study) : Let realities of certain states of life be different but understand that all states of life are equal under God.

Meaning, please do not force your reality upon me. I am doing just fine right here in my own. But I do understand we both have a connection to the God. So at least we have that, right?

So, are we going to flow like an amoeba running out of food? Or will another reality be forced upon us by a stronger force? Or will we realize we are all connected despite our own realities?

Smart Grid

great video! Go to min. 54 or so. The discussion at the end is great too!


Need to do a bit of self promotion here.

This link connects to an article that describes, very well, the international program I enrolled in and completed.

No matter what happens with the current EU zone spiral, currency war, the program one that is extremely memorable and provides extremely rich experiences and connections that will, I hope, last a life time.


No photoshop here.

When this picture was taken the US had just entered the war in Iraq. As I sat upon Eagles Nest in the Alps of Bavaria, I pondered the time that I was then living. Life was fast, travel was frequent and connections were short but memorable.

Transport for the New American Way.

Commuting OHIO

NEW World Order Transportation

Getting ready for the New World Order. Need strong legs in this new system.

Main St

Bedford OH


Network effect.

Build the Main Street

Shop on the Main Street.

No to Financed Capital distribution points.

Back end costs (when you buy at the big boxes, you save for now but pay for it later)

Celebrate the Ephiphany. To save our souls from Satan’s power.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Xhausen Xmas Version) by Xhausen

You get it?


At what point will the scale tip?

As labor rates remain relatively stable, a minor hit, those that are employed can continue to keep up with the manufactured inflation from the central banks.

The goods produced in China require buyers.

China and other Asian entities continue to purchase US debt.

This debt is purchased because the return that it promises.

What point does a debtor nation loose its ability to produce wealth for the creditor nation? And thus the creditor wants to cash in.

For the past several years many buildings in the US have been being purchased by Chinese entities, low flying under the radar and very discreet.

If the barrel of oil price goes to 200 USD that would make something like 5USD/gal (just rough estimating here). This will wipe out more and more individuals from the economy. The cities and plans of much of the geography of the US is not designed for 5USD/Gal specifically when the trend in the US is not to increase wages but to reduce them.

The reports have been for the last several years that wages in the US need to come down 20%. With this pressure and the pressure in rise of fuel and utilities in the standard US home, these will price out many in the first price increase, right out of the market, joining the line in the tent cities of OWS.

Another thought to confirm changes are occurring, MACY’s the department store chain announced this week it is closing one of its stores in a Cleveland suburb. Macys This Cleveland suburb will now become the next victim, and has been, of the encroaching economic devastation blighting areas and leaving a transitional form in its wake. I am no fan of these large retail chains, but the psychological impact upon the residents of this community as institutions, the stores, move may have substantial impact.

The geographical high ground seems to fit well with the economic high ground in this instance. Run for the hills might be the call that is heard.

Defense for what?

Have a look at the following images. Take a look at them. They are both from a city with roughly the same amount of population within a margin or error.

The first photo seen here is from Valkenswaard, NL
Image A

Bike Path

Way to Eindhoven

The city of Valkenswaard has population around 30K.

The next image is take from a suburb of Cleveland, OH.
Take a look at the image. This suburb is between or on the route between Richmond Heights and Highland Heights, lets for this comparison say that respectively
they together have about 20K population.
image B

Wilson Mills Road bike route

Route to Philips

As you observe the images consider changing economic situations or loss of capital to the region as a whole. If you, yes you the reader, were considering the creeping degradation of economic trepidation and a foreign onslaught, which would you personally want to defend? Or rather, would you believe in staying in, ‘fighting’ for so to speak?

I raise this question, rhetorical thought, in the hope of connecting the idea of space and value to our personal as well as our community.

A few questions to ask yourself?

Why is it that in the US in a majority of spaces where ‘families’ reside, there is little to no people to be seen walking about regularly, unless they ‘are doing fitness’?

What does civic space mean to you?

What type of space do you like to be apart of?

Which space would you ‘fight for’?

Lastly, does space impact cultural characteristics? Who is defining the space that we reside with in?

Do we accept the decisions that have been made for the spaces that we reside, or can we begin to question how the spaces around us have been derived and begin to ask the questions, can we do better?

And if we can, why not start today, and begin in rethinking our civic space and the spaces in which we reside?

programmed into the matrix

I think I have discovered the true tip of the spear.

Children’s programming. Recently have been introduced to what is known as ‘children’s programming’ in the US. My friend has an 11 year old and have been observing the programming that she watches and is ‘addicted’ too.

Children’s programming. This poison could be akin to that wrote about in Grim’s fairytales. The candy, metaphorical here, looks so good that the children watching it can not help but to be programmed, ‘and take a bite’, by the subtle messages of de-rating the family to the witty ironic statements that takes traditional family roles and steam rolls them into the pavement with no hope of recovery.

You wonder why the US children of today seem to be more isolated and consumer oriented. It is the message laced within the medium of the programming that is deemed for them.

For example take this interview from one of the writers of this crap.

“AMO: How much edgy humor can you get away with in a G-rated show?

SM: We have our own language. When he’s ticked off, Yang screams, ‘Oh pellets!’ We’ve created our own world that, to me, is even funnier. In one scene, Yang gets a wedgie and originally he had him saying, ‘Oww, my boy parts!’ Disney didn’t go for that so we changed it to ‘Oww, my undercarriage!’ It’s just as funny and in some ways it’s funnier. And as far as the rest of the world knows, that’s the first joke we came up with. So I don’t feel restricted. I feel like I can take whatever chances I want to take and when I’m told, ‘No, this doesn’t work in this instance,’ nobody’s mad, nobody’s annoyed, nobody wants you to stop. They want you to keep pushing the envelope as often as you can so the show’s as good as it can be.”

this is taken from the following link crap

Another instance that promotes the programming is canned laughter embedded in these programs. Has anyone actually counted how many instances of canned laughter occur in an average ‘children’s episode’ and more importantly, under what context is the laughter being trigger within the trite plot? Have a read here laugh track

Here is an excerpt from that wiki page.
“Children’s Shows: 2000s
While Disney Channel original sitcoms mostly shoot in front of studio audiences/laugh tracks[clarification needed] [29] Disney’s top competitor, Nickelodeon, mostly shoots such hits as iCarly and Victorious without audiences (due to their decision to do away with their now-defunct original studios) and use laugh tracks as a substitute.
Glenn Martin, DDS, a claymation show produced by Nickelodeon, utilized a laugh track for the first seven episodes only, then ceased its usage. Series creator Eric Fogel commented, “It took too much internal thinking”.[citation needed]”

People don’t have to look to ‘Government publicized agents of terror’ they just need to look to the programming that their children are viewing and the language and the messages embedded in these plots and there contains all that is required to bring down a culture or change an economic system.

Sit down and actually watch one of these shows and record for yourself how many times the laugh track is run. And consider the points that are influencing your children to find humor. Ask yourself does these points align with your value system that you have in your family?

You want change? Change the family room orientation and get rid of the t.v.



Daily Grind, a bit under utilized…

Work, the principle or the agent. Constantly shifting roles in the struggle for peace and happiness.
I once heard a comedian, it was Dave Chappelle, tell a story about being pimped and the role of ‘the bottom bitch’ in the pimp prostitute relationship. His story telling was sharp. You got the point of what his laborious story was all about as the laboriously described details unfolded to the climatic sequence. Don’t quite remember all those details but I simply remember that he was likening the role of the pimp to that of Bush the second, and the bottom bitch was collectively the american people, the voting populace. I think this depiction was actually fairly accurate for that time. It seems now the awakenings are occurring. The bottom bitch has had enough and can’t take anymore, so we think. Not sure where the movement is going but I know that NYC is cold in December. It would be a prudent move to begin to formulate the point of the spear, before lets say, the end of this month. But again, YU55 (and the DHS test message) is scheduled for early next month, so that might be something to consider. Regardless of astrological, or tri-lateral events, the movement needs form a focus.

If I could draw a VENN diagram it would be this : Tip of the Spear

Each of these items if discussed openly would engage and focus action the pinch points that under constant assault.

Being a w2 wage slave, I feel a bit out of place while the movement progresses, but I inherently think my role is to maintain the course I have embarked upon with a burning desire, the prize for me is the journey, and I will enjoy the ride even if it is the daily grind, for now….