Dynamic Range of History

Gadgets and innovation of technology, what can I say, they are great. One key thing about this journey is the exponential growth of knowledge.

Can you imagine life in Europe in the middle ages? Not the life that is published as mainline history but the life of those that did not get a chance to tell their story of working tirelessly for little to no reward. Living in fear of the local baron that could at moments notice make a decision that would change the course of their life. Groveling at the robes and clothes of the land owners that controlled the land that their family was born onto and lived from season to season, would their be food to last the winter???

This was life at a pretty crappy level.

I understand history took its course, but it seems from my vantage point that all of sudden the 20th Century came. I remember as a social studies student in grade / high school how that section was filled with the big points of interest, progressives and the flappers, then a paragraph on the depression, of course the great wars and a small excerpt about the UN and then more wars this time with the soviets and then bill gates and the trunk of his car. Before I sound to much like a michael moore sound canon, have a look at this :

We have this linear view of history, or at least that is what the main line promotes to the young. To get them educated. Unless you have the ability to spend 50K and rising and study history at the university level, you ultimately simply take this mainline story and run with it or you just listen to those that tell you some part of the story. If that story sounds familiar like you heard when you were young learning about those first pilgrams, then maybe you will hold the attention long enough to see the next segway.

But, history as the internet has shown us, is dynamic just like our views of the world. We each have a unique perception, or at least we are supposed too, view of how things happen. It is our view, and we are sticking to it.

I don’t want to stay the same. I do embrace change, but shouldn’t we be careful of who we are listening to, and agreeing with, as the story is told? If you are one of those that has to get up and work daily, then this message is directly to you.

The best song for this statement is this :

YOU gotta MAKE A Serious decision….

Take some time to think

Figure out what’s important to you



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