Autumn 11 Begins with YU55 approaching

October has arrived and the approach of YU55 (near Earth astroid) is less than a month away:

Many topics covered in this interview. But the key point is change, change to the ‘normal’ people lives. Change fostered because the pillar of the culture that has been created and taken for gospel in this country has been and is delivered on financial credit, vast quantities of it. Items and a way of life that has been ‘the standard’ within the manufactured mono-culture of the commercialism in the US are in the cross hairs of the encroaching change.

This all seems very nebulous and like the ether that Michelson and Morley attempted to disprove that was researched over 100 years ago, but just like the fact that their work in Physics built the case that eventually proved the ether to be a false framework to exist within, so to will the real financial/social laws correct the framework that has delivered such great export products as ‘Cribs’and ‘iCarli’.

Stop takes some time to think…

Figure out whats important to you.. (Against Me)


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