programmed into the matrix

I think I have discovered the true tip of the spear.

Children’s programming. Recently have been introduced to what is known as ‘children’s programming’ in the US. My friend has an 11 year old and have been observing the programming that she watches and is ‘addicted’ too.

Children’s programming. This poison could be akin to that wrote about in Grim’s fairytales. The candy, metaphorical here, looks so good that the children watching it can not help but to be programmed, ‘and take a bite’, by the subtle messages of de-rating the family to the witty ironic statements that takes traditional family roles and steam rolls them into the pavement with no hope of recovery.

You wonder why the US children of today seem to be more isolated and consumer oriented. It is the message laced within the medium of the programming that is deemed for them.

For example take this interview from one of the writers of this crap.

“AMO: How much edgy humor can you get away with in a G-rated show?

SM: We have our own language. When he’s ticked off, Yang screams, ‘Oh pellets!’ We’ve created our own world that, to me, is even funnier. In one scene, Yang gets a wedgie and originally he had him saying, ‘Oww, my boy parts!’ Disney didn’t go for that so we changed it to ‘Oww, my undercarriage!’ It’s just as funny and in some ways it’s funnier. And as far as the rest of the world knows, that’s the first joke we came up with. So I don’t feel restricted. I feel like I can take whatever chances I want to take and when I’m told, ‘No, this doesn’t work in this instance,’ nobody’s mad, nobody’s annoyed, nobody wants you to stop. They want you to keep pushing the envelope as often as you can so the show’s as good as it can be.”

this is taken from the following link crap

Another instance that promotes the programming is canned laughter embedded in these programs. Has anyone actually counted how many instances of canned laughter occur in an average ‘children’s episode’ and more importantly, under what context is the laughter being trigger within the trite plot? Have a read here laugh track

Here is an excerpt from that wiki page.
“Children’s Shows: 2000s
While Disney Channel original sitcoms mostly shoot in front of studio audiences/laugh tracks[clarification needed] [29] Disney’s top competitor, Nickelodeon, mostly shoots such hits as iCarly and Victorious without audiences (due to their decision to do away with their now-defunct original studios) and use laugh tracks as a substitute.
Glenn Martin, DDS, a claymation show produced by Nickelodeon, utilized a laugh track for the first seven episodes only, then ceased its usage. Series creator Eric Fogel commented, “It took too much internal thinking”.[citation needed]”

People don’t have to look to ‘Government publicized agents of terror’ they just need to look to the programming that their children are viewing and the language and the messages embedded in these plots and there contains all that is required to bring down a culture or change an economic system.

Sit down and actually watch one of these shows and record for yourself how many times the laugh track is run. And consider the points that are influencing your children to find humor. Ask yourself does these points align with your value system that you have in your family?

You want change? Change the family room orientation and get rid of the t.v.


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