velocity of the flow

Read recently an article that equated an amoeba to the reality in an organization. Here is the article, a great one at that, btw, : Slime MOLD
I think this analogue is spot on.

The thing that I have noticed that is self evident is that individually we can achieve greatness but in the group when resource is plenty can achieve even more, right?

The catch here is simulated scarcity. Asymmetric information has created an environment that does not allow for a fair game to be played. Thus the reality for many is the perception of a bust economy. In the bust the rules are different than during the boom.

The question is: are resources really and truly scarce? You have to find that answer yourself.

Another great quote from a Hollywood movie no doubt. The movie was from the late 80’s, the quote went something like this, ‘the worst parts of war are at the beginning and at the end the middle is like a country club’. That was stated by J. Malkovic, character Basie, from the movie “Empire of the Sun”.

The economic war we are in has just begun.

But finally the best quote of the week was from the second reading, Paul to the Corinthians (32-35). I think that my interpretation of this is so (maybe a bit out off the scope of traditional bible study) : Let realities of certain states of life be different but understand that all states of life are equal under God.

Meaning, please do not force your reality upon me. I am doing just fine right here in my own. But I do understand we both have a connection to the God. So at least we have that, right?

So, are we going to flow like an amoeba running out of food? Or will another reality be forced upon us by a stronger force? Or will we realize we are all connected despite our own realities?


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