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Knights Templar

Traveling brings the traveler closer to experience. Experience is internalized and appropriated to the correct file within the realm of perception. I recall when I visited Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. I did not know then what an important travel for my history. Back then, 10 years ago, I was searching for answers and I thought the Knights Templars’ chapel would be a good place to begin.

Guide Stones

what do you really want?

Theodore Levitt once told his MBA students at Harvard that People don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill they want a quarter inch hole.

This is a paradigm shifting statement. In that it is meant to inspire students that there is room for more innovation just need to be reminded of what to focus upon.

From an engineer’s perspective, to create that ¼ hole, first need to develop a method or a means to achieve this want. This ‘thing’ that will create the hole will have most likely some other requirements. Those requirements will drive some specifications. The output engineering activities will develop specifications to test. Once the specifications have been tested and pass, a final product will be delivered.


In addition to the regional GHG (green house gas) related activity, there is a growing consensus at the national level] that the United States should reduce its GHG emissions by 60 to 80 percent by 2050 to support the global efforts to reduce GHG emissions. The leading proposals currently before US federal lawmakers recommend a cap-and-trade system to reach GHG reduction goals. The figure above shows the potential impact of the leading proposals on future emissions, according to an analysis published by the World Resources Institute in December 2007.

No one yet….

Well. I am seriously liking this band. Vennaskond. This band rocks 360 deg. From Estonia to your ears. Enjoy!