mix tapes

Was recently visiting a midwestern US college town and had the opportunity to get out of the office for a bit.
As the young generation cavorted about my senses were alerted to a distance memory. I looked up and there she was on the video screen dancing and shaking those curling iron curls.
Then, just as Whitney was singing oh how much she wanted to dance with somebody the next frame was cut to Britney hitting it one more time.
As I took another sip of the brew before me and recalled the days of the mix tape.
Two things struck me at that moment. 1.Great of an impact of the pop music marketplace in the US on global culture. 2.Mix tapes, and the impact on an adolescent mind.
Mix tapes

are a thing of the past but watching the video reminded me of the joy of music and the adolescent purpose, to play at a party and that party bringing people together to 'get to know' one another through the experience of sharing common likes and dislikes in real time and face to face.

The music of pop in the US is ostensibly produced by a handful of

That is it much of the memories from the parties of the youth can be linked back to the limited group of producers as they put their 'spin' onto the content that became the everlasting memories of our youth.

Only at the point when adolescent tastes dissolve and the conscious mind opens can

tastes begin to be sampled and enjoyed.


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