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Nice piece for this blog

This documentary is 10 years old but is extremely relevant to the world order at least the western empire world perspective.

Powerful ideas that take time to filter down to ordinary actions are expressed in this documentary. (The Century of The Self by Adam Curtis)

All people living inside of empire should view this story, the story of the self in the western world. Then one can begin to answer the question of the title of the is blog. What market segment am I anyway?

connecting to employees

Commercial connections are odd. I believe they are contrived. Which would explain the difficulty to get an interview. Besides the white elephant sitting in the room.

Mutual cooperation is possible when individual interests are met in the process. Working on projects comes to mind.

You have to be working on projects to be interesting to another to offer any type of collaboration.

Some wise person said, pursue your hobby until some one pays you do it.

I do think there is a lot of opportunity present now. The encroaching regulations into the space of market is annoying.

The change has occurred in the market for work for sure though. As a child I loved maps, drawing them, studying them, I would stare at them for hours. I didn’t pursue cartography, some guidance counselor told me there was ‘no’ opportunities in this area.. So, I went into electronics/physics… That worked for a bit, but since the ‘artificial’ collapse of 2008.. I have been a statistic on the outside of the power structure. Had a job with a lame company that completely told stories about there agenda in the space of business. It was there that I realized that people are truly evil. Those that seek money as their ultimate end, means to the end is to gain capital. Well, they are evil. In order to gain this capital in such volumes the only way to achieve this is to deceive and mask intentions.

This of course, is touted, as ‘just doing business’….

The perception of this , of course varies with the fickle behavior from the public that observes the one making the money.
Each culture has differing reactions to this happening.
State , Large Institution, and general population are the entities involved in this lovely triangle of power. The division of labor and the breaking apart of complex processes in life, to discrete or digitized packets, allowed linear, y = mx + b , to be organized. In theory this was to create wealth and for many. And in practice, it did.

However, it seems the oscillatory motion of the bigger reference frame is swinging away from this model of plenty for all. The US was to be the ‘model’ of individualism, democracy, and growth. This was the case for promotion of global trade in the manner it was being pursued.
This linear discretization created many products, tastes, and styles.

A friend of mine, works for a capitalist, and earns 9 / hour. His hours have been increased, he is salary, the conditions of his work environment are aweful, OSHA would have a field day. He works hard, very hard there. It is a factory job, but requires some skill to operate the machines to get the product out the door. What he is paid is disgusting. But if he complains he will be fired and another person will be hired right behind him. This type of work no one should work longer than 3 months. He has worked there almost 10 years!!
His drive and motivation is completely different than mine. But still, I see opportunity to improve the operations, and environment and the owner of that firm sees $$$ signs only.

My former employer had a similar approach. Nothing says “you suck” and you are nothing more than serfs to your employees more than when the owner of the company stores their ‘toys’ in the shop where business is taking place. Especially when those ‘toys’ are not related to the business the firms does. I liken this to when somebody in their home blocks a door with a couch because their home is too small for there ‘stuff’. Now the door is blocked and not functional. Aweful… form and function gone..

A message to all budding business owners and current ones..
get your toys out of the shop.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows