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Need to do a bit of self promotion here.

This link connects to an article that describes, very well, the international program I enrolled in and completed.

No matter what happens with the current EU zone spiral, currency war, the program one that is extremely memorable and provides extremely rich experiences and connections that will, I hope, last a life time.



Do people think? Use one’s brain? Consider the great question why?

This is a difficult entity to measure. What are you thinking about?

Everyday many people utilize the web site facebook and they update a field that asks them, ‘what are you thinking about? These thoughts get published and take energy not only to update but take energy to host for what could be infinity.

How much energy has been spent on facebook in the past 3 years?

Checking out people, looking at digital images and reading comments and pushing the like button.

It has been a great experiment. The Network Effect. Think about it, 150 years ago the networks of the infrastructure were put into place, canals, railroads, phones. The websites like facebook are the new versions of this. There were many ‘social’ networking sites introduced since the mid nineties. The networking sites now have the market share and the audience and revenue is being generated. Are you getting a slice of the revenue?

Maybe you are, but I am guessing, many are not. Speaking of revenue, what do you think about cash in hand, not physical cash, but electronic currency on a chip? I am guessing this is the next network to be installed.

I am trying to imagine a productive economy with these networks in place. Humans have an intimate knowledge with their own person. Agency Theory still governs much of the day to day transactions, that remains evolutionary baggage that is stored in the base of our brains. In a network where all thoughts and information is known about another, what will become of Agency theory, will it just de evolve? I think the society is definitely in for some serious bumping around as these ‘new’ networks come into scope. Many of the ‘new’ technologies look at ‘simplifying’ the ‘users’ day to day living, but what actually needs to be simplified? I thought to learn to make your life simple, one needed to look to the monks, the religious or historical examples of figures that managed to find a way through the life. That is what I thought, but I guess that takes work, dedication, and persistence. Qualities that people just don’t have time for these days.

information diffusion

Markets serve the needs of the people.
People work within markets to generate and exchange value.
The value generated is two fold, (1) the individual that buys or sells in a market obtains value from the transaction in the market.
(2) if this process is repeated several times the community of actors with in the market gains value from the multiple of transactions.

This process is the paradox of community. People need to benefit themselves first, but if the community does not benefit the gains achieved by the sole individual are moot. There exists a constant friction between what is to be gained and lost on an individual basis in this market of actors.

I would argue, that capitalism is NOT capable of market efficiency.

Capitalism desires to create standardization not competition.