Autumn 11 Begins with YU55 approaching

October has arrived and the approach of YU55 (near Earth astroid) is less than a month away:

Many topics covered in this interview. But the key point is change, change to the ‘normal’ people lives. Change fostered because the pillar of the culture that has been created and taken for gospel in this country has been and is delivered on financial credit, vast quantities of it. Items and a way of life that has been ‘the standard’ within the manufactured mono-culture of the commercialism in the US are in the cross hairs of the encroaching change.

This all seems very nebulous and like the ether that Michelson and Morley attempted to disprove that was researched over 100 years ago, but just like the fact that their work in Physics built the case that eventually proved the ether to be a false framework to exist within, so to will the real financial/social laws correct the framework that has delivered such great export products as ‘Cribs’and ‘iCarli’.

Stop takes some time to think…

Figure out whats important to you.. (Against Me)

Dynamic Range of History

Gadgets and innovation of technology, what can I say, they are great. One key thing about this journey is the exponential growth of knowledge.

Can you imagine life in Europe in the middle ages? Not the life that is published as mainline history but the life of those that did not get a chance to tell their story of working tirelessly for little to no reward. Living in fear of the local baron that could at moments notice make a decision that would change the course of their life. Groveling at the robes and clothes of the land owners that controlled the land that their family was born onto and lived from season to season, would their be food to last the winter???

This was life at a pretty crappy level.

I understand history took its course, but it seems from my vantage point that all of sudden the 20th Century came. I remember as a social studies student in grade / high school how that section was filled with the big points of interest, progressives and the flappers, then a paragraph on the depression, of course the great wars and a small excerpt about the UN and then more wars this time with the soviets and then bill gates and the trunk of his car. Before I sound to much like a michael moore sound canon, have a look at this :

We have this linear view of history, or at least that is what the main line promotes to the young. To get them educated. Unless you have the ability to spend 50K and rising and study history at the university level, you ultimately simply take this mainline story and run with it or you just listen to those that tell you some part of the story. If that story sounds familiar like you heard when you were young learning about those first pilgrams, then maybe you will hold the attention long enough to see the next segway.

But, history as the internet has shown us, is dynamic just like our views of the world. We each have a unique perception, or at least we are supposed too, view of how things happen. It is our view, and we are sticking to it.

I don’t want to stay the same. I do embrace change, but shouldn’t we be careful of who we are listening to, and agreeing with, as the story is told? If you are one of those that has to get up and work daily, then this message is directly to you.

The best song for this statement is this :

YOU gotta MAKE A Serious decision….

Take some time to think

Figure out what’s important to you



I began my study of why the US was being driven into the ground by reading about this guy, over 10 years ago.

disgusting characteristics

Tonight went for a walk at the beach, in the city. Interesting energy flow tonight. Someone decided to take their hatred and low self esteem and destroy property that did not belong to them.

Only a very weak and confused or mental pigmy would do what was done this evening. It probably is the lowest form of humanity to do what was done, aside from murder. But to deface another person’s property, a pathetic characteristic that lies within us, our humanity.

I realize that in the larger scope of our society this issue is albeit extremely trite, however, I would like to see anyone of you experience your property defaced and embrace it, love it and accept it.

This goes out to anyone who has ever intentionally damaged another’s property, specifically a vehicle. YOU SUCK, big time, and good luck with the karma, it is a pain in the ass…


Utopia is a destination, right? It is that phrase, in english, that is used often in the pejorative when discussing unobtainable results. At least this has been my experience in the corporate sector. It seems that our collective experience in non uniform. Non uniform in that, it is great to be one among 80 thousand listening to the reverb off the rafters of your favorite band. But somehow that experience platform falls apart when talking about political ideologies or spirituality.

One thing is for sure that masculine ego in the traditional sense is drawn by the strong desire to battle to obtain what is perceived to be non existent.

Humans embrace violence possibly because that evolutionary baggage just has not been deemed ‘un useful’


As I often comment time and time again about, I say, what about agency theory, or game theory??

This characteristic to play by the rules of these theories only confirms repeatedly that collective communities will exhibit completely different ‘outputs’ than the masculine ego driven system we have currently existing within. I say this, because because we are at an interval in time. If you study history you might interpret the present time is roughly upon the 500 year ‘big shift’. What does this mean? Look at ‘western’ history, sorry ,my world civilization is pretty lacking outside of European / western culture. But take a look at it, can trace back at 500 year increments, huge events that ‘turned the page’ so to speak, and truly changed the course of history.

I won’t spell them out here, look them up yourself. But it is interesting.

Will Utopia inhabit the next 500 years?


Do people think? Use one’s brain? Consider the great question why?

This is a difficult entity to measure. What are you thinking about?

Everyday many people utilize the web site facebook and they update a field that asks them, ‘what are you thinking about? These thoughts get published and take energy not only to update but take energy to host for what could be infinity.

How much energy has been spent on facebook in the past 3 years?

Checking out people, looking at digital images and reading comments and pushing the like button.

It has been a great experiment. The Network Effect. Think about it, 150 years ago the networks of the infrastructure were put into place, canals, railroads, phones. The websites like facebook are the new versions of this. There were many ‘social’ networking sites introduced since the mid nineties. The networking sites now have the market share and the audience and revenue is being generated. Are you getting a slice of the revenue?

Maybe you are, but I am guessing, many are not. Speaking of revenue, what do you think about cash in hand, not physical cash, but electronic currency on a chip? I am guessing this is the next network to be installed.

I am trying to imagine a productive economy with these networks in place. Humans have an intimate knowledge with their own person. Agency Theory still governs much of the day to day transactions, that remains evolutionary baggage that is stored in the base of our brains. In a network where all thoughts and information is known about another, what will become of Agency theory, will it just de evolve? I think the society is definitely in for some serious bumping around as these ‘new’ networks come into scope. Many of the ‘new’ technologies look at ‘simplifying’ the ‘users’ day to day living, but what actually needs to be simplified? I thought to learn to make your life simple, one needed to look to the monks, the religious or historical examples of figures that managed to find a way through the life. That is what I thought, but I guess that takes work, dedication, and persistence. Qualities that people just don’t have time for these days.


Extreme ways are back again. After leaving St. Stanislaus today to a mini drive around the neighborhood and found myself on my old street. I looked at it, the houses and the state of the overall environment. Well, I knew back when I lived there it was bad, but it had a touch of hope to it. What I witnessed today looks like something truly out of a science fictional apocalyptic prison colony set. Actually, come to think of it, what I witnessed today doesn’t look that far removed from the Gypsy Colony near the Danube in Belgrade, Serbia. Across the street from where I lived the house that was there is now a field of weeds. The houses on the left and right and in a condition that resembles a structure after devil’s night in Detroit. What is funny is that I text messaged a friend that lives in the neighborhood still and asked him how long the building had been in that state, semi-destroyed? He said, since February of this year. Well, I tell you I have done some traveling and witnessed a variety of cultures and observed different infrastructure. But what I see in that neighborhood is the destruction and the aftermath of war. There was no physical war like occurred in Serbia, but rather this was the economic war. This section of town was at its height the home of thousands of workers that fueled the industrial engine that rebuilt Europe after WW2.
The economic war is on and continues to ravage the de industrialized sections of the US.

This economic war is abstract, cause and effect is difficult to track. Children respond well to cause and effect because they can push a button and watch an object move. Sadly most adults do not move beyond this mundane cognitive ability. The causes and effect are a bit more involved and convoluted than say a game of bowling, but we do have the capacity to observe, think and respond appropriately. But the key here is to be able to think.

Think people!
Media is owned / operated / run with an agenda.
All media.

Which agenda do want to prescribe to?

Labor Day

As the weekend of Labor kicks into gear one must consider what exactly Labor Day means, right? Or does it just mean time to close the municipal pool?

The labor movement was enormous in the US at one point in time. So much so that a day was granted to honor the working stiffs. What is funny is that labor was honored in western Europe with 5 weeks of holiday.
Oh, maybe that isn’t so funny.

I wonder when what the gift to labor will be in China?

Labor creates wealth and opportunity and innovations. Think of the commercial palaces of DuBai, the clothing in gap, the computer I am typing on now.
Labor, the employee.

Who wants to grow up to be an employee?

Check out the new widget on the right of this page, statistics about housing, tax, jobs in the US.


Had the opportunity to go camping a few weeks back. In a region they call upstate newyork. Up state new york, like, any other region has a designation such as this? How about upstate Alabama? Is there such a thing? I guess, NOVA would be the southern equiv actually… Anyway, very WASPish in that part of the state. But one thing I truly enjoyed was the drive to and from this region. The scenery on the way to this place is absolutely stunning. The green mini rolling hills some might call mountains remind me of the Arden in Benelux… there it is again that regional slang describing a place again.

My friend accompanying me on the drive to the up state. One thing he made comment as we drove along the interstate. As he gazed out the window to the hillside, he said, what do these people do for work?? Great question, right?? I mean I have read some papers about some re wilding getting the population back into the cities. Somehow I don’t think the few that do live up state would be all to interested in relocating.

While I was upstate I visited Watkins Glen, the glen of all glens or so it goes, the mother of all glens. It is quite unassuming at first glance, but as you climb the excitement of the views ensue. But as one might imagine the day after a night of camping is not always the most fresh and full of energy. Somehow I climbed those steps to gain the amazing viewpoints. But just like any traveler you just have to keep climbing, it will get better at the top.

What I learned most on this trip was that I still can split wood and it is really easy to loose your place when you don’t have a tolerance for masks. Masks are those conventions that adult human’s utilize to maintain social grace. The do serve a purpose but are rather cumbersome to carry. How do we manage this weight, this burden? I think many rappers in what is known as the hip hop industry used the term “keepin’ it real” to describe this phenomena, or rather the removal of these burdens. Not sure if their behaviors are the types I am looking to emulate, nevertheless keepin’ it real often has a shock value.

Regions by nature, of the word convention have unique or specific characteristics which differentiate them. Do regions keep it real? Do they wear masks?

On a similar arc, but different tangent, school is beginning now for many grade schoolers. I am sure many of them were or are nervous of that first day. If they have the choice to select their ‘outfit’ for that all important first day, I am sure if they are in those odd years called adolescence they struggled with the question , ‘how do I look’? Fitting in with the crowd, but maintaining their individual spirit… They may not realize conscious level this is occurring, but I posit, this is what is occurring. Adults, never grow out of this actually, until they know their role, so to speak, their place in the pecking order.

Regions exhibit the same characteristics as children attending the first day of school. Do they keep it real, what is real anyway, or do they put the mask on?

to be continued…..

Marcellus Shale

Went to Southwest PA this weekend and found my first ‘in life’ fracking site. How exciting.

So glad to see what device is raping Fayette County now.

No service

All to often we encounter events that require us to make a choice, for or against an action. We reach that precipice and must take action or remain passive.

Would you consider lunch at what I call a fast food plus restaurant a location for such a quandary to occur?

Well it occurred there.

Yesterday I had a lunch meeting. One of the great things about being self employed is the ability to move from a central location, choice. The person I was meeting with made the choice of the fast food plus establishment. I say fast food plus, because at a fast food place there is no apologies for the decor, it is cheap and easy to clean and has the aesthetics of a protestant church. No distractions, just focus on the mass produced big agri business food you are consuming and be on your way. As a derivative of the fast food establishment there is what I call fast food plus dining. Fast food plus is still a place to get food in a relatively short amount of time, but now, you have 3d-marketing to assist you in your dining experience.

Fast food places had marketing too, but typically that revolved around a central brand, a character. That character drove the story that filled the space in which you ate the big agri food.

Now in fast food plus, or FF+, there is this element in the space that does not focus on a central figure or character, but rather fills the space with what many call ‘flair’. Flair, is nothing more than distractive techniques to catch the target’s eye and attention away from the main task at hand, ordering something to eat and then paying for that service. Flair is thought by many to be ‘fun’. Who doesn’t want to have fun? Right? Flair is fun, damn it!! I can hear all the marketing executives saying that. Flair is like the baby mobile, it just keeps the short attention span of the target. I have many issues with flair, and could go on for pages and pages about the subject, instead will remain on topic here at the FF+ shop in Solon, OH that my business colleague chose for our meeting.

What I experienced aside from all the flair was absolutely shitty service. Have you ever experienced the point of human interaction when you meet and must communicate with the human that is in charge of constructing the edible object which you will consume? Food service is not for everyone, just will make that statement up front, it is a unique sector and has its specific character requirements for those employed within this sector, many people are great in the food service sector and they enhance the customer experience 10 fold. But what I experienced at this establishment in Solon, OH was the classic lethargic complacency that is often found in urban fast food outlets, fast food culture in USA. The factors in play to make this statement are the following: 1. unclear or mumbled speech 2.demanding kurt tone in orders to obtain information (which would be questions in the flair marketing model hand out that probably employees are to read prior to starting) 3.overall disgustingly sad physical looking figure.

These factors made an impact on my experience at this FF+ establishment. I took a step back and looked at all the flair and thought is this sandwich really worth 7.99? The sandwich taste was average at best, it was a sub sandwich. Of course it has to be that price, aside from the global food price increase, the marketing, the flair, has to be covered. But again, that could be written about for days, so I will stop there. Just to conclude people who accept this non quality service and repeat business with this establishment are those that are allowing the society to fall into economic and social disparity. Big statement, yes, but if you get at the core of the human interaction process and think about what is really transpiring in that transaction, it actually makes me sick to my stomach, not for the quality of the food, but for the quality of the transaction and the lethargic complacency on both sides of the commercial transaction. The food maker building the sandwich sucked, and so did the line of customers that seemed to be the regular corporate lunch crowd stopping in to ‘grab a bite to eat’.

30 mile bike ride

30 degree centigrade and 30 miles covered by bicycle today.

It was an epic journey. At one point was moving as if I was a cyclocross racer. Jumping obstacles, with bike carried, to climbing down ravines, with bike carried. Actually at one point had to get out the compass, the first time on a ride I was actually disoriented enough to need to use the tool.

Enter the Cuyahoga Valley National park through a side door, it was amazing!!

Now I sit here thinking of stimulus, I am fatigued, not sure if it is the heat or the ride or just my condition, but at any rate it was a prodigious experience.


this scene is what middle class america looks like.

note the manner in which the items were placed on the lawn.


mortal power

Understanding the power structure uncovers or destroys the dreamworld.

Finding inner peace in spite of this awareness is the challenge.

Recently went to a baseball game and found it entertaining and disturbing all at the same instance.

Sporting events epitomize the commercial culture, the escape from reality destination. For a given length of time you can watch people work and their work entertains you. What is amazing about this experience is how surreal it really is when you are present in this situation. Everything is managed, it is a complete commercial transaction. The entire process is 100% commercial. However, the values that are shared in this experience tend to be more social. For example the game would be meaningless if those that watched could not share the stories that resulted from the experience. For example, the point where Haffner left men stranded on base, in the bottom of the 8th, to a crowd that was all on their feet. The crowd was dreaming within the dream itself. Surreal.. truly.

But what’s more is that this experience can then be talked about, as I am now, and somehow we gain some connection by these words.

So, how is this social portion of the transaction, going to the game, managed?

What about the usage of Rihanna’s song S&M in the rotation of music during the game. It is great that the venue remains current with the POP culture, but what is the social impact of combining a song, albeit samples of the song, with the baseball game? Reminds me of some Edward Bernays experiment.

learning how to use wordpress

after many years actually trying to learn more about how to use wordpress.

SPAM and Critique

Recently this site is experiencing an onslaught of witty and well worded jabs regarding the content on this site.

It is great to know (1) that this site has a following, didn’t think anyone followed it and (2) that this site has gained the attention of a spam attack.

If either case is the reality, thanks so much to all who have made this possible.

Specifically would love to thank those all around the world that are sore losers. Money can gain you many things in life, but one thing it can’t get you is dignity and self worth.

Respect to those that succeed in spite of the evil forces that attempt to compromise integrity with unethical business practices.
sore loser

Dublin International Center (OHIO)

Went to the Dublin International center last night. Great turn out and great crowd.

Great key note speaker as well Kanwal_Rekhi

Had a story about 2% of the population has the DNA for entrepreneurship.

I wonder how that percentage tracks with those that come from ‘old’ money. “Old” money being trusted or gifted from previous generations in one’s family.
It has to do with risk right? Entrepreneurship is about risk right? Saying to the systems ‘f$@% off’ I am doing my own thing.

The Dublin Center is similar to ‘co working’ this new or old trend of renting an office space or desk in some cases to work.

Gives the individual a place to ‘go’, to work.

Who needs a boss, when you have customers??

In an unlimited liberalized market place it begins to make more sense to work for oneself. Many globally linked markets and in those markets, millions of unique perceptions that can be future customers.

Techno is Gender Neutral

Think about it.

You heard it here first.

Visually Interesting

“I am aware….” (to quote George from Seinfeld)

I am aware that my blog is lacking visual engagement. I am also aware that images are our reality, as Slavoj Zizek eloquently stated.Slavoj

This takes time and dedication to upgrade the site, it is like anything, fixing a house a car, or your computer it all takes time and the right tools. I have never taken a computer programming class, outside of the C course I ‘dropped’ at the University. Programming and me just have not had a great relationship. Not sure why, but we haven’t. I am able to get a specific level of manipulation of the programs but to create that visually engaging environment takes time and something more than focus. Maybe I am just not motivated, to put a widget into my blog, or maybe I am satisfied with hyper links and one rolling content page.

I am a content generator, not a content displayer, although I could be a displayer too, but just not interested in that right now.

But maybe later.

But, I have been keeping track of the progress in the garden I planted the first week of June. I noticed this morning, there are some plants shooting through the soil!! I see corn, radishes, and tomatoes! It is cool!
Maybe I will upload some pics to fill out this blog with some visual content.

IN the meanwhile, I am aware…

Am I cool?

Observation on facebook.

Comments and feedback come in higher quantities
Cops Producer Interview

Lower form content gets more hits. Self inspection and thinking doesn’t get so many hits.

Virtual world is an escape.

In an escape world, people do not want to confront reality.

Watch the interview.